Advent Energy Ltd.

Advent Energy Ltd

Environmental Policy

At Advent Energy we are committed to the protection of the environment in which we work.

To exemplify that commitment we will:


  1. develop and maintain management systems to identify, control and monitor risks and comply with government regulations and industry guidelines;
  2. enable employees through adequate training and require contractors to adopt environmentally responsible work practices and to be aware of their stewardship responsibilities;
  3. communicate openly with government, non-government bodies and the public in a timely manner on environmental issues which relate to Advent’s operations.
  4. at a minimum, comply with applicable laws, regulations, standards and guidelines for the protection of the environment and in their absence adopt the best practicable means available to prevent or minimise adverse environmental impacts;
  5. develop emergency plans and procedures so that incidents can be responded to in a timely and effective manner;
  6. ensure that adequate waste management practices are carried out based on the prevention, minimisation, recycling, treatment and disposal of wastes;
  7. monitor environmental effects and assess environmental performance at all stages of exploration, development, production and rehabilitation;
  8. in Joint Ventures, where we do not operate, we will actively work to achieve an environmental protection performance that is in harmony with the above.